Pre-Built Solutions and Blueprints

Zifo is at the forefront of solving complex scientific data management and system integration challenges. For some of the most technically demanding challenges, Zifo has encoded its expertise into pre-built capabilities that can be utilized to accelerate solution builds. This shortens time to value generation while simultaneously simplifying the ongoing servicing and upkeep of these systems. Examples for this include lab data automation, data FAIRification architectures, and tools for data ingestion and master data curation. 

As science-centric organizations are looking to use their lab data in a more strategic way, centralizing and standardizing the vast dataflow generated by lab instruments becomes key.

Instrument connectors and data parsers, system connectors and parsers.

Automated assay and screening, batch release, workflow orchestration, BPMN, low-code-no-code process automation (RPA) and robotics platforms.