For Zifo, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a social imperative. It has come to mean a way of giving back to society, adding value to the co-existence of our business and economic, social and environmental growth.

While charity, sponsorships or philanthropy contribute to growth, Zi-Foundation focuses on sustainable empowerment, striving for an aware and knowledgeable society that can recognize issues and demand for change.

CSR Committee members

  • Raj Prakash G
  • Vanchinathan S

Total spent for the Financial year 20-21 and 21-22 are provided below:

CSR Project Identified Thrust Area Impact Area Amount Spent up to the reporting period Direct/Amount spent through Agency
Rehabilitation & development of geriatric (aged) population, people with disabilities, destitute women children/ youth and people living with HIV/AIDS Education & Health Care Local in Pondicherry 13,642,000 Sharon Society of Pondicherry
Support Education for rural students Education Local in Chennai 2,200,000 Anandham Youth Foundation
Healthcare purposes Health Care Local in Chennai 1,400,000 Jain Relief Medical Society
Upliftment of the under privileged rural and tribal masses Education Local in Tamilnadu 1,400,000 Friends of Tribals Society
Medical COVID 19 support Livelihood Local in Chennai 147,900 Direct
Support actvities for COVID affected families Livelihood Local in Tamilnadu 495,888 Direct