Suitable trainings and individual workshops for everyone.

Trainings & Workshops

No two laboratories are alike.
We train Empower users individually.

Every laboratory has its processes, objectives, challenges – and thus very individual training needs. As a leading provider of classroom training for Empower users in German-speaking countries, zifo responds to this with specific training plans that optimally fit the requirements profile of your laboratory. We offer all our Empower training modules in German and English in Germany and abroad.

Our training offers the optimal shoulder-to-shoulder connection between theory and practice. They are suitable for beginners as well as for system administrators. Our training spectrum ranges from beginner topics to special topics such as diode array options.

For this training, we will put together a training plan that is tailored to your specific requirements. For example, would you like…

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This course gives you knowledge about the use of diode array detectors from Waters or Agilent. In practical exercises, you will learn the possibilities ...

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In this training, you will learn the basics of report design and receive tips on layout and design using examples.

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This training is about custom fields, i.e. database fields that can be created by the user to implement user-defined calculations...

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In this training you will learn to use the possibilities that are in Empower: organizing samples in sample sets...

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In this two-day training course, you will learn the basics of operating Waters Empower 3. Using practical examples and under ...

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Standard, Customized, Workshop.
You get what you need.

With our standard training courses ranging from beginner training to intermediate and advanced training to special training, we offer everything you need to enable your employees to make full use of the possibilities offered by laboratory data systems. Our training concepts are based on the many years of experience of our trainers, as well as the wishes of our customers and their own laboratory practice. This enables the trainers to impart knowledge from the user’s perspective.

If you would like to have your own SOPs or workflows mapped in training or work with your laboratory instruments, this is possible at any time within the scope of our Customized Training.

A workshopoffers you an even higher level of knowledge transfer. Here, we work with a small group of your employees to develop a solution for an exemplary, customer-specific task. The aim is to enable your employees to solve similar tasks independently. We would be happy to create a customized concept for you. The basis for this offer is always a prior discussion about the level of knowledge of the participants and the individual goals of the workshop.

Ask us. We will be happy to work with you to create a training concept tailored to your company.

Training takes place at different levels. For beginner’s training, you need a trainer who limits himself to the essentials and does not overload the participants with too much knowledge. For more advanced training, the trainer must not only understand the software but also how the user uses it. Industry experience is a must here!
After all, if you want to give your top employees a leg up in their area of expertise, the trainer must also be a top trainer.

We have divided our training and workshops into Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Specialized so that you always get the right trainer.

You don’t want to spend travel time for your employees? Then simply bring our trainer to your premises. You provide the room, the necessary hardware, and software, a projector – and you’re ready to go. If you don’t have the necessary technology, we’ll be happy to bring it along.

Do your employees work at different locations, or is there no room available? No problem! Then simply send your employees to us. Here they will get everything they need. And there’s something to drink and a little refreshment to keep them going, too.

Do you want to train your employees at the same level at different locations worldwide? Contact us: Our trainers are willing to travel. In many cases, it is possible to train your team on site.

It is important to us that your employees get something across. This works best if the group of participants is not too large and the participants have comparable experience with the application. Therefore, we recommend a maximum number of participants and reasonable prerequisites for all events. For workshops, we always agree on a maximum number of participants. After all, you should get the best value for your money.

Can’t you get enough participants together to make the training worthwhile for you? Just contact us – maybe we can find a solution together.

For many pieces of training, we have accompanying material that we give to your participants. Participants also receive a discount when ordering our Empower 3 manual or our practical guide on the topic of custom fields in Empower 3. And otherwise, of course, taking notes is always allowed.

Our training brochure as a scrollable PDF:

Your trainers

To ensure intensive learning and practical training, our experienced trainers teach GxP-compliant handling of the software in connection with HPLC or GC in didactically well-prepared learning units.

We will be happy to advise you in determining your training needs! Please contact us here.